Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mini Scrapbook Folder

OK, some of you may know I have a bit of a "thing" for mini scrapbooks!  When I saw a file folder scrapbook on Andrea Walford's blog, I just had to make one for myself.  Unfortunately, I discovered this folder after the instructions were no longer available!  So, I had to put my thinking cap on to figure it out!  So, I started with a regular manilla folder, and decided I wanted the base to be 6 1/2" tall, and the pocket to be 3", then I trimmed off the leftovers.  I then created score lines for the pockets, I played around with it a bit, and decided to score 4 1/4" from the right edge, and then continued to score at 4 1/4" from each fold.  You can see in the photo, it is "fan folded" from the center out.   This happens to be a 1/3 cut, most folders come in an assortment of "tabs" in the package, and I don't think a center tab would work very well with this project.  With the end tabs, you should be able to flip your folds to make it work.  Make sense?  If not, just shoot me an e-mail!

I then used designer paper to cover the back.  I cut the pieces 6 1/2" wide x 12" long, and adhered them from the center out.  If I make another one, I would totally ink the edges of the folder BEFORE I adhere the paper.  I can still see some manilla peeking through, and would have liked it more if it were cleaner looking.

After adhering the papers, I used an Exacto knife to trim the excess paper from the edges of the folder.  You'll notice I'm just covering the back of the folder, not the "pockets".  Also, note the printing on the back side of my booklet?  If you decide not to cover the inside of the pockets, it's important to be sure your printing is on the outside like mine so it will be covered!  It wouldn't look so pretty sticking out behind your photos ; )!!

Here's how she looks all trimmed up, isn't she pretty?!!  I also trimmed up the center notch, which you will see when you have it all folded up, it's easy to tell what needs to be trimmed away.

I then did the inside pockets in the same fashion as the outside.  After the front and pockets were covered, I added Sticky Strip to the outer edges of the pockets and adhered.  Another tip I would give is to fold it all up before pressing your adhesive together.  Mine seemed to be just a bit wonky after I adhered it and then tried to fold it.  I'm guessing my score lines were not perfectly lined up.

After finishing covering the folder, I decided to use a belly band as a closure.  I simply cut a 2" wide piece of Chocolate Chip paper, and added a 1" strip of the designer paper to it.  I wrapped it around, and decided where the first score should be, I then scored just 1/4" from my first score to allow for the thickness of the folder.  The belly band is adhered with double sided sticky strip at the front of the folder, and the punched snowflake is centered over the seam.

For the pocket inserts I used Old Olive cardstock, cut 6 1/4" x 4" wide.  I also used an edger die to put a decorative edge at the top.  The ribbons have a brad holding the tail together, and then a beautiful rhinestone for a little bling bling!  I stamped snowflakes around the edge, because after a photo is added, it will be just a little extra decorative element.  When I made my folder, my computer had crashed and I wasn't even able to look at the photo of Andrea's, but I came pretty darn close!  One difference in hers is that she had folder pockets were actually 7" deep, and she added a label at the bottom for journaling, which is an awesome idea too. 
Here is the finished inside of the booklet.  I decided not to cover the back of the folder, which would require 2 more sheets of designer paper.  I like the look of the manilla, and depending on the paper you use can totally coordinate.  I also used the SU set Short & Sweet to stamp the folder tab, and added a little more bling to the center of the snowflakes. 

Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial!  If you decide to make one, I totally want to see it.  They are super fun to make, and they would be a fantastic Christmas gift for someone!

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